Popular Posts/ Posts to Check Out

I am putting a list of posts that either you guys or myself thought were good posts. The list of posts below, if you’re new to my blog, will give you an idea of what my blog is all about. Thanks for reading!

  1. Introduction
  2. Can guys and girls really be just friends?
  3. Tinderella and Tinderfella
  4. Age Difference within Relationships
  5. Grocery Shopping…An Anorexic’s Nightmare
  6. MST
  7. Got my 30 day chip yesterday!
  9. Punk shows, concussions, and one night stands…
  10. People’s Ignorance
  11. Love At First Sight
  12. Mistaken For A Prostitute
  13. Thank You! (If you’re a reader, read this one first!)
  14. Valentine’s Day Recipes
  15. Some of My Favorite Blogs
  16. Tonight’s Dinner
  17. Got my Emotional Support Animal!
  18. Can Someone Let Me Know? (guys please read)
  19. Remaining neutral or indifferent…
  20. I reported Owen
  21. Want to Fall In Love?
  22. My Journey Thus Far…(Summary) (If you’re new to my blog, this post will catch you up)
  23. Fifty Shades Of Grey…more like Fifty Shades Of Abuse 
  24. Psychology Of Love
  25. 5 Languages Of Love
  26. Fainting and Tattoos…
  27. Beach Body Ready!
  28. The Phoenix Blogger Award
  29. Numb and Dumb
  30. Why Women Should Make Men Wait For Sex
  31. The Encouraging Thunder Award
  32. Why Men Won’t Marry You
  33. Messy Emotions and Steps Forward
  34. Cliche Car Hookup
  35. Love and Nightmares
  36. Three Words, Eight Letters
  37. I Love You
  38. I Love You, I Know
  39. The Green Eyed Monster, A Gay Bar, and Lone Brunches
  40. Fucking Accomplished 
  41. Never Thought I’d Feel This Again…
  42. Negativity and a Half Way Fun Night
  43. Impressed
  44. Bad Body Image, Jealousy, and Self-Harm
  45. Trying to Process…
  46. Amazing Concert and Funny Parents
  47. One Day At A Time
  48. Therapy, A Trip To The ER, and Intoxication
  49. Real Intimacy
  50. Letter of Anger
  51. Friend Visiting, Drunk Nights, and Jealousy
  52. School, Run Away, Family Fight, and an Amazing Boyfriend
  53. Working The Case
  54. Stress, PTSD, Adoption
  55. Jobs, A Jealous Ex, Family Get Togethers and Moving On Up
  56. Painting the Attic and Getting Sick
  57. Dinner with a Surprise
  58. Two Weeks Notice, Flat Tire, and Home Alone
  59. Figured It Out
  60. Change
  61. Food, Family, and Luvas
  62. Love Hate Relationship
  63. Day 6
  64. Day 8
  65. Best Way To Wake Up
  66. The Story With Peter
  67. An Open Letter To The Guy Who Loves Me For Me…
  68. Promise Me This…
  69. Who Knew an Apple Could Fix It
  70. Cody Truly is a Unicorn
  71. Sex and Anorexia
  72. Cigarette For Head
  73. Dinner with Mom
  74. Social Media Is Deceiving
  75. Family Dinner, Hot Temper, and Criticisms
  76. Cheating and an Ignorant Teacher
  77. Healed and Attempting to Move Out
  78. Dreams and Therapy
  79. Everything Happens For A Reason

Hope you enjoy the posts above! If you have a topic you want me to post about just shoot me an email at Anonymousannaxo@gmail.com  or tweet me @anonymousannaxo and I’ll post about it. Also if anyone wants to do a guest post, just shoot me an email about that. If you have a post you want me to read of yours you can also email me about that too! We are all bloggers here, and we should support one another! =)


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