I Hate Liars


I can’t post right now, I’m too emotional and thinking it better to wait until I calm down. But I’ll give you a hint as to what I’ll post about later. Cody and his porn. May 10th. Lied for a god damn fucking month to me. How did I find out? Work computer history. It’s not the worst offense with the exact porn, but it’s the lying that is killing me. Lie after lie after lie. This is why I am a cynical fuck and don’t trust anyone. Maybe it would have been better to be single forever.



Flying back to school!

So I just finished packing! I have to leave the house soon-ish. Just got a text from Andy, who is picking me and my sister up at the airport, and he said he and his gf are picking us up. I finally am meeting his gf…something I was hoping I would never do.


I am glad he warned me though. I would have been pissed if I got off the plane to see both of them. It’s just I don’t want her to ever suspect anything happened between Andy and I. Like, honestly if Andy had told me he was still with his girlfriend before he kissed me and we had sex, that whole night wouldn’t have happened! I would have never let him do that. But since it’s happened and there’s nothing I can do about it, I was at least hoping I would never have to meet her.

I just pray to the gods that she doesn’t suspect anything or that nothing tips her off.