Getting Married on Saturday!


I am so excited! Only 2 days until I get married, I can’t believe it. Thinking back to when I met Cody, and all of what we have been through, to know that we made it through all of it is such an amazing feeling. We still have work to do, and no couple is perfect, but I love him, imperfections and all.


There are still little things that need to get done, but I know that everything will fall into place.  I just am so happy thinking about standing there in front of Cody, saying my vows. Cody and I sent our vows to the officiant last night. I am so proud of my vows, and I’ll post them after the wedding in case Cody reads this post! 😛




So I have been mentally writing my vows for two months, and finally sat down to write them. I honestly wrote the most beautiful vows in my head last night and when I sat down this morning to write them I kinda went blank or maybe got anxious. I did another attempt and I really like the second draft. I still feel that I will re-write them or tweak them later today, but writing my vows made me so excited to be marrying my fiance, not that I wasn’t already excited, but I am excited to see his face when I read them to him. I can’t wait to see his reaction. I made sure to put something in my vows that I know he struggles with accepting, and I hope my vows show him he has nothing to be worried about. He is at therapy right now, and I just can’t wait until he gets home. I just want to hug him and tell him how much I love him and shower him in affection haha. I just hope that he gets his vows done this weekend so we can send them to our officiant.

After we get our vows done and send in the story of how we met, all we need to do now is get our wedding bands. I think everything else is done planning wise. Oh I need to get nude colored underwear, but aside from that I think everything is pretty set. I can’t wait until the 29th!


Fainting and Tattoos…

Yesterday evening my sister brought up the idea of us getting matching tattoos together. I surprisingly jumped on it. I have little tolerance for pain and am terrified to get a tattoo but I’ve always wanted one. My sister has a medium sized tattoo on her arm and a couple piercings already. She already knows tattoos that she wants in the future, but she suggested that the two of us get tattoos. I think it’s a great idea because then whenever we are a part all I have to do is look at the tattoo and she keeps me sane. My sister has always been the one to keep me grounded and bring me back to reality when I’m not in a stable state of mind, so getting this tattoo with her seems like a really good idea. Not just because it brings our bond closer, but because I’ll always have a part of her with me no matter where I go, and that’s really comforting.

Below is the tattoo we are getting together. She also mentioned that maybe not right when we get this one done, but later on we could each put the first initial inside the moon. So inside her moon would be an “A” for Anna. I’m getting mine on my inter wrist and she is still deciding where she wants hers.


This morning I woke up and walked into the upstairs TV room where the treadmill is. Mom, dad, and my sister were all in there. I got a good look at my dad and his face was bruised and cut with blood, and his hands, arms, and knees were cut and bloody too. Everyone explained that my dad fainted while on the treadmill and that’s how he got so bruised. It looks bad and I was so worried. My mom and dad are old for parents. My mom is in her 60’s and my dad is 70. So seeing my dad all bruised up made me worried. He is going to a doctor soon though, so I pray that everything is okay.


My sister and I tried to go get the tattoos today but our parents called us right as we were going to go to the shop so we had to go home so she could work on her final paper. So hopefully in two weeks we will get them done. Our parents don’t know we are doing this so that’s why we had to head home.

I’m really nervous! Can anyone tell me what their experience was getting a tattoo? The guy at the shop said the tattoo we wanted would only take five minutes and that it’s the people that are nervous the most that are the ones who handle it the best.



Currently in my preproduction class. It’s break. The class is making me very nervous and I am terrified yet excited for this class. We have to write a pilot by week 2 of class for a web series. Then the rest of the Quarter we work on preproduction and then actually filming it. This class is with one of my favorite teachers, but damn. This class seems intense and challenging, which is great. But it also makes me worry about time management.