First Day Of Filming!


Today went great! It took us about five hours, but it was worth it. I am so glad that we got so much done today. I originally was planning on shooting on monday also, but we got all of the scenes we were going to do on monday done today!

Hopefully tomorrow’s shooting goes just as well!



Auditions – Day 2

Auditions have gone well!

I know who will be playing Lucius and who will be playing Amy. It’s just figuring out who will be playing Derek…

Super excited about filming this! Still have to find a crew though :/


Breaking Bad

So my sister has tried to convince me to watch this show for over a year. Quick Silver and some of my other friends and classmates this Quarter have also begged me to watch it.

For the past week I’ve been watching it and I am currently on season 2. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this show!

The writing is great, and the chemistry (no pun intended) between Walt and Jesse is amazing! I get sad whenever Walt and Jesse are on the outs because I miss the chemistry between the two actors.

So far I love Jesse. My sister said that some of his phrases and the way he acts reminded her of me in a way. It’s true, sometimes the way I can talk is similar to Jesse.

This show has kept me on the edge of my seat for the past week. I just can’t get enough of it!

If you guys have watched the show what’s your thoughts on it?


P.S. Can I just say that Jesse is really cute?