This weekend Cody proposed! We went out to dinner and after dinner, we went to the beach we met at, and we went out on the rocks, to the end, like we did when we met. We hugged because it was cold out and he gave a wonderful speech about how sorry he was for hurting me, and how having me in his life has made him a better person. I said that I didn’t deserve him at his best if I couldn’t handle him at his worst, and he smiled. He said his shoe lace came out and I laughed because I was wondering if he was going to propose or just trick me, and he was down on one knee, and said will you marry me, and he opened the box, which was upside down so I started laughing, and told him the box was upside down and sais yes! We kissed and hugged and he put the ring on my finger, and then he was like, “Wait, I don’t want you to lose it out here,” so he put the ring back in the box to keep it safe.


The wedding is July 29th, and we already have a guest list. It’s going to be a small wedding, and honestly, I am just so happy and so excited!


A Present for India

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.32.04 PM

I got India a ring from that Jeulia site too. I ended up following the company’s instagram and to my dismay some customers didn’t have a great experience. Some loved their rings while others complained. So hopefully the ring set Cody got me doesn’t chip like some customers said the black rings did. Some customers complained of getting the rings weeks late too. So fingers crossed that everything works out in the end…I mean those rings they designed are beautiful so it would be a shame if there were issues.


Also haven’t done my police homework yet, and my class is at 2:50 pm. I am super stressing about finals. Also I have an OBGYN appointment on monday, which is the day Cody and I are moving. See I’ve been bleeding a bit since my period ended so we are worried. Not about pregnancy but that something isn’t right? I’ve never really had this issue but I’m sure everything’s okay. It’s just annoying that we have to do that on the day we are moving :/



So Cody is finally getting me a promise ring! Sorry I am totally fucking excited because well…I got his like four months ago. So it’s about time he played catch up haha. But no I honestly am so happy because he chose the ring. He found it. Not me. I didn’t have to do anything. It was all him. That’s why it means something. If I had to be like, “Cody I want a ring buy it for me” then it wouldn’t mean anything. I mentioned a while ago that I got him a promise ring and I envied that he got to wear a ring on his ring finger and said I would like one too, but that he didn’t have to get it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.32.16 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.32.04 PM

But here is a picture of the ring set. Also there is an engraving on it, which I don’t know what it says so I can’t wait to see that! I hope it’s cute and something sweet or something that is special to us, like “Unicorns are real” or something. If you’ve been reading my blog you will know Cody is a Unicorn when it comes to guys. Guys like him really don’t exist and if they do they are a rarity. But I absolutely love these because it’s very me. I love black. To be honest, when we’ve looked for rings over the past couple months I definitely liked some rings, and there were ones I loved for actual engagement rings, but they didn’t seem “me” whereas the rings above are so me.

Here is the website, because these are very affordable rings and honestly the designs are great!





Something Changed


I don’t know what changed, but I feel a lot better about Cody today. I told him everything about how I was feeling. I hated telling him that I felt certain things but after I told him I felt a bit better. When we pulled into the diner parking lot, Cody was telling me how much he loved me. How he couldn’t imagine anyone else in his life that he could marry and be happy with. He told me a lot about how he felt about me. For some reason hearing all that really changed my feelings and attitude.


Then we sat in the booth together on the same side and I just held him and talked to him. Something felt different, in a good way. It felt like we were moving forward for the first time since the incident. Then we went to get some car stuff so he could work on his car, and we went to a jewelers to look at engagement rings. We then went home and I was feeling so good about us and I was feeling so confident about the fact that we were going to get through this that I really wanted to have sex.


I had my computer out and was about to do my homework, but Cody came and sat on the bed and he turned me on and I then told him I wanted to have sex, and I wanted to feel close and feel intimate. We had amazing sex. But before we had sex, and we were making out, it felt like it was the first time I was with him or even with a guy. It was the strangest thing and I felt totally embarrassed by it for some reason. It was so strange to feel like I was about to have sex for the first time. But yeah, anyways we had amazing sex, and I just felt a lot closer to him and more confident that he really was sorry about what happened and that he wasn’t going to hurt me again.


We then were exhausted and we cuddled and napped together. Over the past week I had wanted to be a bit distant from him and I didn’t really want to cuddle or be physical, but when we napped today I was so happy to have him holding me. It felt right. It made me feel safe. I finally felt like I was with the Cody I fell in love with. I don’t know what happened today but I am thankful because I was getting scared.



Now I am doing homework and he is gaming. We then have to get ready for our valentine’s day dinner. Yes it’s tomorrow, but the restaurant we want to go to would be packed tomorrow so we are doing our valentine’s dinner tonight.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!


Cody Loved It


When I finished my speech he took the ring and put it on so fast I couldn’t believe it and he said, “I promise.” He said that it made him feel a lot better. He really loves the ring though, which I am really happy about.


My Sociology class was fun on friday, and the professor remembered me. I thought that was pretty cool. I have my Abnormal Psych and Investigative Function classes tomorrow. I am excited for that. Though today I am exhausted and just woke up an hour ago.

Things are going in the right direction it seems.


Ring Shopping


Cody told me he wanted to go ring shopping on sunday. I said okay. I was nervous because I had no idea what kind of rings I liked, especially if we are talking engagement rings (but don’t worry Cody is not proposing! He won’t for another 3-6 months at the least).But my mom said that I should go today and see my style so on sunday I wouldn’t waste a bunch of time trying on rings I didn’t like.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.39.20 PM

So I did that today and there are some places I liked. Lenox Jewelers is nice, but more expensive. Michaels was expensive and okay. Littman is also good, and it had rings that weren’t just for engagement so I definitely want to take Cody there because I think he wants to get me a ring for Valentine’s day or something. Plus Littman is having an AMAZING sale until Valentine’s so there was this engagement ring that was originally $4,000 and it was $2,000. And then the promise rings and friendship rings were anywhere from $199-$600 so that was nice. My favorite place, which has the ring that I would kill for as an engagement ring was Altan Jewelers. The ring above, the band is what I want. Cody can choose how small or big the diamond is (preferably the size shown or smaller) but that band is gorgeous. The diamond isn’t set, but he placed one in it to see what it would look like.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.39.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.39.14 PM

I personally think the band is perfect for me. It’s unique, and I did not see anything like it anywhere. It’s vintage, which I love. It’s detailed. It has everything I could want in an engagement ring.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.39.58 PM

The ring above was another choice that was nice, but it’s more expensive, but I personally liked the vintage one better than this one, but I still wanted to show you guys how beautiful this one was too. But the guy who worked there said that with the band and the diamond he had in it, that would match what Cody wants to spend on me. But holy hell it was so strange to walk into a jewelry store and have them ask what I’m looking for with my answer being an engagement ring. It felt so strange and surreal. I still think it’s ridiculous that I did that. But my mom was right. It took me all day to find stuff I liked. At least now when I take Cody it will be quick and painless.


Promise Me This…


This is the surprise that I mentioned that I’m doing for Cody. I hope that everything gets here by saturday because I told him that on saturday we are going to have the perfect day. I got him all these things on a website called ThinkGeek that he has wanted, and I got him like five watches that he wants. My plan is that through out the day, with each thing we do I’ll give him a present. But if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I got these rings specifically because he got the necklace version when we first started dating and I thought these rings were fitting.


He knows that there is a surprise and he helped me plan the day. We are going to our favorite diner in the morning, so I’ll give him a gift then. Then depending on what time we are done either we will go home and play chess or we will go to that theatre with the reclining chairs and I’ll give him another gift. Then, again deepening on the time, we will go to our favorite bar for happy hour and again, I’ll give another gift. We will go home and play Yugioh cards because he wants to, and I’ll give him a gift. Then dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and I’ll give him a gift.


That is all I have planned so far. I don’t know how or when I’m going to give him the ring, but there is a speech I wrote to go along with it. I am still trying to decide whether I want to do it at dinner or when we get home. I also am super nervous! But here is the speech. If you would like to comment below on your thoughts I would appreciate that immensely!

P.S. The unicorn comment is an inside joke.


Cody, meeting you has been the best thing to have happened to me. I know maybe to most people seven months isn’t a long time to know if you love someone and want to marry them, but I know. People are going to have their judgements, but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is having you by my side through thick and thin.

Life is going to throw us curveballs, and things won’t always be easy. There have definitely been times where things were rocky, but when we were at our worst, all I wanted to do was stay and fix things. That is what gives me the confidence to know that I want to marry you. Through all the ups and downs, I still love you and always will.

I love you for you. You are fun, smart, respectful, sensitive, open, understanding, patient, loving…a unicorn. I could keep going on and on but I’ll try to keep this somewhat short. My love for you is unconditional. I love you no matter what and I want you to know that. You’re not only my life partner but my best friend. We can laugh at anything and enjoy each other’s company. I spend so much time with you and all I want is to spend even more time with you. With you I feel safe enough to be me, flaws and all. I know in my heart that you accept me for me. That is why I am now asking you to promise me this.

Promise me you’ll be honest. Promise me you’ll be faithful. Promise me you’ll love me no matter what. Promise me that we can get through anything together. But most of all, promise me that by accepting and wearing this ring, that one day you will marry me.


So that’s what I have written. It’s a first draft. I am not sure if it could be worded better but I think it’s really sweet so far. I really hope that things go well and that the rings actually get here by saturday. I ordered them last night, so hopefully they’ll get here later this week.


But I honestly feel a bit crazy doing this. I mean, Cody’s sister liked the idea because she thought it was funny that the stereotypical roles were reversed. She wondered why I was doing this. She thought it was for Valentine’s day. I told her what happened between Cody and I last night and I told her it just made it crystal clear that he was it for me. Not that I didn’t already know it, but it gave me the courage to actually get the ring and all that shit. I told her that this is the only thing I can do to show my commitment on that level because I know that Cody wants to be the one to propose to me and he even said if I try to eventually propose he would say no and then propose to me sometime later because he has a proposal plan he’s been working on. So I am hoping Cody says yes to the promise ring.


Breathe taken away…

Cody is taking my breathe away. He seems so inuitive with the psychology stuff. Like his friend took my ring off my finger and joked engaged me then Cody did it and said something about Owen and stuff. But then Cody was talking about the post honey moon stage and he understood it! He like got it. Most of my ex’s didn’t get it and bailed after that but Cody gets it. That makes me super happy! Yes I’m a little bit drunk while writing this but I am very impressed with Cody knowing the next phase! He says he knows nothing about psychology but he intuitively does which is more impressive than if he studied psych and knew it.


Love At First Sight

That is my parents love story. They are living proof that Love at first sight exists.

My parents got married after knowing each other for three months and because they lived on opposite sides of the country(mom in LA, dad in NYC)  they saw each other about three times in the span of the three months.

My mom had gotten out of a bad relationship about six months before she met my father. My father was in a relationship when he met my mother. Of course my father ended the relationship he was in at some point.

Anyways, neither of them wanted to meet, but a mutual friend said that they had to meet.

My mom said that the second she walked in the room, and she and my father made eye contact there was this spark, this energy.

After my father had to go back to NYC to work, days after he got back, my mom had a knock on the door, and a man held a bouquet of flowers. “There’s more,” the delivery man said. In the end my moms whole apartment was filled with flowers. It was a small apartment, but the whole apartment was filled she said.

Weeks later she visited my father in NYC. My father asked her to move in, and she said no. It was crazy for her to move across the country and give up her job without a real commitment. Days later, my parents were in a restaurant and my dad said, “Will you marry me?” My mom got up and went to the bathroom.

She was freaking out. She knew it was crazy, the whole thing. She came back out and sat down and said, “Yes.”

My mom moved to NYC, they got married at city hall, and made a day of it with their best friend, who was the witness, and their neighbor, who was a photographer.

To this day they are happy. They make me believe in love. They inspire me to take chances, and have faith. ❤