Support for Partners of Porn Addicts


Hey, so I am posting because I made a forum specifically for Partners of Porn Addicts. Porn addiction is not something talk about often, but it is a growing problem, and the addicts problem affects those closest to them. It has been a very difficult journey to heal without the proper resources. I haven’t been able to find much (free) support for partners of porn addicts. This is why I made the forum. It’s a place for partners of porn addicts to feel safe to process the trauma they are going through. The forum is geared towards partners and their individual recovery process.

There’s an information section for guidlelines of the forum, a partners section (that is protected), a section for resources we’ve found to be helpful, a “Show your Partner” section for things that would be helpful for us to show our partners throughout recovery, and an off topic section so people can talk about anything they find interesting. The partners section is closed, and only people who sign up for the forum can see it, so that way people can feel safe to post things without fear of judgement.

I love Reboot Nation, and it’s a great forum, but some there were¬†times that some addicts came on our side of the forum and caused trouble. Since then, some people have felt uncomfortable at times posting certain things in fear of judgement.

I personally believe that we partners do need a space for us. The porn addicts have more resources than us for help. We have a section within a porn addict recovery forum, where addicts can read and post in our section.

I signed up with the same username so there wouldn’t be confusion.

So if you have (or had) a significant other, husband, or partner, who is struggling with porn addiction and it is having a negative effect on you, this is a place where you can go to talk about your experience and your journey of healing.



Grocery Shopping and PTSD

Tonight shopping for groceries wasn’t an issue regarding my anorexia but my PTSD. I went to Kroger around 8 so it was dark and I was alone. I was terrified the whole time I was getting food, dreading walking out of the store and walking to my car. I dressed down, sweats and a tank with a jacket. I didn’t want to be noticed. I wanted to be invisible.


I felt so stupid for being so scared earlier tonight. I felt defeated yet I feel successful. I went out at night, alone, and I got home safe, and nothing bad happened. It makes me feel a bit more confident about going out of my apartment once it’s dark. Plus the self-defense lessons help make me feel safe. I honestly kicked myself a lot earlier for being so scared, but I had to take a step back and remind myself that I went through something traumatic- again- and there will be issues.

There will be times when I am incredibly scared or anxious about my safety. That’s okay- as long as it doesn’t debilitate me and keep me housebound. Just trying to stay positive and not let the PTSD take over.