Partners Of Porn Addicts

I have redone the look of the forum and I am really glad that we have gotten new members! I hope that anyone who is struggling with porn addiction can give the forum link to their partners, and that any partners of porn addiction join as well. So far everyone on the forum is happy that it’s a safe place for partners.



Support for Partners of Porn Addicts


Hey, so I am posting because I made a forum specifically for Partners of Porn Addicts. Porn addiction is not something talk about often, but it is a growing problem, and the addicts problem affects those closest to them. It has been a very difficult journey to heal without the proper resources. I haven’t been able to find much (free) support for partners of porn addicts. This is why I made the forum. It’s a place for partners of porn addicts to feel safe to process the trauma they are going through. The forum is geared towards partners and their individual recovery process.

There’s an information section for guidlelines of the forum, a partners section (that is protected), a section for resources we’ve found to be helpful, a “Show your Partner” section for things that would be helpful for us to show our partners throughout recovery, and an off topic section so people can talk about anything they find interesting. The partners section is closed, and only people who sign up for the forum can see it, so that way people can feel safe to post things without fear of judgement.

I love Reboot Nation, and it’s a great forum, but some there were¬†times that some addicts came on our side of the forum and caused trouble. Since then, some people have felt uncomfortable at times posting certain things in fear of judgement.

I personally believe that we partners do need a space for us. The porn addicts have more resources than us for help. We have a section within a porn addict recovery forum, where addicts can read and post in our section.

I signed up with the same username so there wouldn’t be confusion.

So if you have (or had) a significant other, husband, or partner, who is struggling with porn addiction and it is having a negative effect on you, this is a place where you can go to talk about your experience and your journey of healing.


I Really Love Him


I am sitting in the garage right now, while Cody works on his car. It’s cold, and uncomfy, and I know it’s going to take an hour or a couple before he is done, but he wants me here. I guess for moral support or something. I don’t mind though, it’s cute and sweet that he wants me here. So I am here on my computer, sitting on cold stairs with a jacket on, watching Netflix while he works away on his car. I have to say I admire him. He doesn’t know exactly what he is doing but he is determined. He looks stuff up online and then does the next thing he needs to do. His passion for cars is nice. It’s nice to see him so passionate about something, and to see him in action too!


I feel defeated

I don’t know who tipped Owen off but he knew I reported him so when the detective and I tried a recorded phone call Owen was prepared. He said nothing happened. He said we never even kissed that night. He said he didn’t have any weed or anything. It was so traumatizing. I broke down completely after the phone call, and the detective got someone on the rape crisis center on the phone and I talked to them until I wasn’t suicidal, which yes, this phone call and Owen denying everything hit me that hard.

I immediately went over to Andy’s after I called Quick Silver sobbing on the phone. I got there and I was so dissociated and stuff. Completely breaking down beyond belief. I was at Andy’s house for six hours. Andy and his gf had to leave at some point and so Quick Silver and I stayed at Andy’s and watched my guilty pleasure 90210.

Quick Silver got in my car with me when I drove home and he ended up staying at my place last night. He told me he was going to sleep on the couch in the living room. By the way the couch is really small and not comfy. I felt bad, but Quick Silver said it was fine. This morning he tells me he didn’t sleep all night and just stayed up. I kept apologizing about last nights breakdown and Quick Silver said there was nothing to be sorry about.

I still feel bad but I also feel lucky to have Quick Silver and Andy. None of my old friends would have ever stayed the night. I mean, yes suicide was mentioned a lot last night in my breakdowns, but hey, I’m not suicidal now. Just I think I was in shock that Owen was so prepared. It all just hit me so hard and I didn’t know how to handle it.

But yeah, so now the investigation is still going on, but I feel like shit. But I am going to the rape crisis center later today for counseling. I skipped my morning class, and I am planning on going to my evening class…but I didn’t get my reading done so I feel like shit about that too. But hopefully I get some of it done.

I’m starting to think this may be too much to handle. As in, maybe I need to take time off from school or something…I don’t know. I still haven’t had that job interview. I plan on doing that tomorrow. I just ah, things are way overwhelming right now.


Me and my parents made up!

I talked to them. I explained how their behavior was wrong. They took a hard look at themselves and apologized and said that they obviously had a lot to learn about this generation and catch up in views and such. So yeah, my mom is even going to fly down to support me and help me with all this.

So a good day!


Emotional Support Dog and My Sister

So I got the first part of the paperwork in today for the emotional support animal. Also my sister is coming back to Savannah tomorrow. She and my dad had a fight so she is flying back.

So I am nervous about getting the dog, but can’t wait to get it also. I’ve got a catch 22 situation on my hand, where I need the certificate to finally submit the last piece of paperwork to get the dog approved but I need the dog first to get the certificate. So I am a bit stressed about that.