Valentine’s Day Recipes

I am not a fan of the day. Yeah, I’m single, but even when in a relationship it’s not my favorite. I mean, I enjoy getting something for the other person, but there’s just too much pressure! I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across this article “23 No-Bake Desserts That Want To Be Your Valentine”

I am a picky eater, as you might have read. I also struggle from anorexia, but seeing some of these idea’s makes me want to make these and throw a party and serve them.


Number 1 was Triple Chocolate Brownies, which I make on the regular for people so it’s not as appealing to me. Number 3 Affogato, looks insanely delicious and I really want to try that recipe out. I am not a fan of coconut but Number 13, coconut chocolate mousse looks amazing! I hate pie, but 21, Coffee S’mores Pie looks to die for!

If I have the time or the patience I want to try one of these out.

What recipes on this list do you think look good, or ones that you would try out?



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